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Scatter First Round

Here is a scatter plot showing all NBA first round draft picks out of North Carolina since 1976. The draft has changed a ton. Fewer rounds. Expansion teams. Eligibility rules.

But there is always round one.

Random notes:

  • 16 of Carolina‚Äôs 21 top five picks came from 1976 to 1998
  • three instances of Tar Heels being drafted back-to-back in the top five
  • the last Tar Heel picked in round one of the 2009 draft is the only one still in the league today

The data is pulled from basketball.realgm.com. This plot uses the Economist theme and ggrepel package.

Code is below . . .


p1 <-ggplot(data, aes(Year, Pick, label = Player))+
  geom_text_repel() +
  scale_x_continuous(breaks=seq(1976,2020,4)) +
 scale_y_reverse(breaks =seq(0,30,5)) +
  labs(x="Year", y="Pick Number", 
title = "Carolina: NBA First Round Draft Picks Since 1976",
caption = "Data source: realgm.com") + theme_economist() + theme(plot.title=element_text(family="OfficinaSanITC-Book"),